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Ever since Sandra Colony was a child, when she was spellbound by the glossy photographs of exotic places in the pages of National Geographic, she has been driven by the desire to explore the world.

And she has. To date, she has visited 90 countries. “I knew I loved to travel as a little girl, but I certainly never knew at 68 I would be starting a career out of it,” said Ms. Colony.

Yet the New York City resident has done precisely that with her new venture, Personalized Odysseys.

For more than 25 years, she balanced her wanderlust with working in the cable industry, managing corporate communications. Duties often made it difficult to take off for two or more consecutive weeks, but she cajoled her bosses into giving her the time to travel.

Not surprisingly, her friends who were eyeing a getaway and were well aware of her travel acumen frequently turned to Ms. Colony for insight and itinerary planning.

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