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Financial Planning Services


Our team offers financial planning that can range from a broad, comprehensive financial planning to consultative or single subject planning. We also have a planner on staff who can provide specialized financial planning for someone going through a divorce. If you retain our firm for financial planning services, we will meet with you to gather information about your financial circumstances and objectives.

Once we review and analyze the information you provide, we will deliver a plan to you, designed to help you achieve your stated financial goals and objectives.

A Team Of Professionals.

We partner with our clients as an advocate, teammate, and counselor, putting their interests first to give them the best opportunity to reach their lifetime goals.

Custom Solutions For Your Needs.

We develop a strategy that enables our firm to give you continuous and focused investment advice and/or make investments on your behalf.

How it Works

Financial plans are based on your financial situation at the time we present the plan to you, and on the financial information you provide to us. You must promptly notify our firm if your financial situation, goals, objectives, or needs change.

You are under no obligation to act on our financial planning recommendations. Should you choose to act on any of our recommendations, you are not obligated to implement the financial plan through any of our other investment advisory services. Moreover, you may act on our recommendations by placing securities transactions with any brokerage firm.

Financial Planning Fees

We charge an hourly fee of $300 for financial planning services, which is negotiable depending on the scope and complexity of the plan, your situation, and your financial objectives. An estimate of the total time/cost will be determined at the start of the advisory relationship. In limited circumstances, the cost/time could potentially exceed the initial estimate. In such cases, we will notify you and request that you approve the additional fee. Fees are due upon completion of services rendered. We do not require prepayment of a fee more than six months in advance and in excess of $1200.

You may terminate the financial planning agreement by providing written notice to our firm. You will incur a pro rata charge for services rendered prior to the termination of the agreement.

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